Uses for a Turkish Coffee pot


Turkish coffee pots, or cezve/ibriks, are *perfect* for melting butter to pour over air-popped popcorn. Trust me, I do this all the time. For the uninitiated, Turkish coffee is similar to espresso, but the grounds are brewed with the coffee and fall to the bottom of the cup. As a child, I would watch my aunts and uncles sip their Turkish coffees and then place the cup upside down when they were finished. Once the cups were dried, they would be flipped over and someone would read out fortunes based on the way the grains dried in the cup. 

I spent many summers with my Mom's family in Michigan and Texas, and sometimes our Uncle Koko would babysit us. He didn't get the opportunity often because his idea of watching us kids was to make us Turkish coffees and tell us bad fortunes. I remember us sitting at a round table in my grandma's kitchen, my uncle sitting with me and my two cousins, blowing smoke from the cigarette dangling from his lips, and then read us our fortunes, which were usually dismal. To his credit, when we complained about our dire futures, he would immediately change them to something more appealing. 

Below are some alternative uses for the Turkish coffee pot. 

  1. Melting butter to pour over air-popped popcorn
  2. Drawing a bath for a gerbil
  3. Heating up small amounts of things for baking 
  4. A makeshift vase for tiny wildflowers
  5. Last but not least: making Turkish coffee