Lining Cakes with Parchment Paper


  Have you ever baked a cake and had it cling to the pan defiantly when you tried to release it onto a plate? And then tell yourself that it's okay, that it's how it tastes that matters, not how it looks.  I've found that lining circular baking pans with parchment paper when you make cakes really helps them get on their way. Lightly oil the bottom of the pan, then place the cut parchment paper in the pan, then lightly oil the parchment paper, and sides of the pan. The oiled pan will help the parchment adhere. When the cake is done and ready to be removed, the parchment will allow it to easily pop out- brilliant! I hate cutting parchment, but I fold the paper into quarters, and then use one of the pointy middle corners as the center, from which I cut the ends to size. Don't worry about how the edges are crimped and folded. Once the batter is poured into the pan it will settle. Everything will be all right.