My Mom came to visit this week, and I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid or not, but we had the following exchange while shopping at Kroger: 

...While perusing the fresh produce...

Mom: Points to giant pile of cantaloupes You need this. Here, we will get this. 

Me: Cantaloupe, cantaloupe.... "can't elope"....  are you suggesting that I stop living in sin in my committed, monogamous relationship with Josh and declare our eternal undying love in front of family and a small group of select friends? Are you suggesting that to elope would be a cop out, and that we have to man up, grow up, and get this marriage thing over and done with???

Mom: Hands me cantaloupe Take this. It is the best. 


Birmingham, AL

We just finished up a show in Birmingham, Alabama, and it was a great night. There was a variety of adult beverages, and the audience was in a jovial mood, if you know what I mean. After our usual two 45-minute sets, with encore, we packed up, ate a few crackers and chips, and headed to our house stay. 

The accommodations are lovely! It's a condo in an apartment complex, and the decor is superb. Sparkling white granite counters in the kitchen, clean angles, and lots of soft pillows. I've noticed that certain fancy places always have an abundance of pillows. Why? What is it about wealth that directly translates into the number of soft, cushioned objects a person possesses? I remember the moment when, as a child, I saw a store in my (now gentrified) Brooklyn neighborhood proudly displaying pillows in their storefront. Pillows that cost $150. I asked a friend why, how pillows could cost so much and she said, 'they're not selling pillows, they're selling a lifestyle'. It was a new lifestyle to my sleepy little Italian neighborhood, one that took it over like ivy taking over a building. 

Tomorrow we're going for a run at 8AM, and we're leaving at 10AM for Memphis, where we're staying with Chris, Ruthie, and their adorable babies. Now... time for bed..... Zzzzz