Baked Apples

Today is September 21st, and I thought it was officially Fall, but turns out that's September 23rd- oops! It's probably safe to break out your cable knit sweaters and start heating your ovens though. It certainly feels like Fall in England, where we're on tour this month. We're staying with Jordana's delightful relatives outside of London in between shows. They have an apple tree in their backyard (we were told that lots of people in England have an apple tree in their backyards for baking), and we went outside, plucked a few apples, and that's what we used for this recipe. They're very tart, and perfect for baking. Drinking hard cider worked really well for us while making these. Highly recommend that. I'm a fan of any apple recipe that doesn't require peeling (what a chore), and these come together in about thirty minutes, plus baking. 

Recipe and apples courtesy of Judy Farncombe. 


Tart apples

Brown sugar


Unsalted Butter, softened

Toasted chopped walnuts

Raisins/chopped dried fruit

Pinch of salt

Vanilla ice cream, or custard for serving


Preheat oven to 350F. 

This is a great recipe for improvising, which is why I didn't list any set measurements for the recipe. 

Wash and dry apples, and core, leaving the bottom of the apple intact. If you core all the way through all the juices will escape into the pan while baking. 

Lightly score a horizontal "belt" around each apple. The apples expand while baking, and scoring the skin keeps them from exploding. Exploding apples sounds pretty cool, don't get me wrong... but I'd rather eat my apples than clean them out of the oven. 

In a medium sized bowl, mix the softened butter with the raisins, sugar, and toasted nuts, and salt. Gently spoon mixture into the apples, and then bake at 350F for thirty minutes, or until apples are soft, and mixture is bubbling. Serve with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or custard. 

Posted on September 21, 2015 .