Denver, CO: Karma

Harpeth Rising is on tour in Colorado this week, and we are playing, hiking, and eating our way through this wonderful state. While checking out Denver's Underground Music Festival on our day off, we had the good fortune to stumble upon some incredible edamame. It was at a restaurant called "Karma", and yes, I am resisting the urge to tell you that... karma was on our side.. The edamame had a grilled, smoky flavor to it, and was charred with chilies and garlic for flavor that hits deep. The restaurant looks unassuming, but their menu features creative flourishes of a pyrotechnic nature. Drinks come aflame, mini cauldrons arrive steaming, kept hot by flames underneath. It boasts a varied clientele of people you would never find in a room together: hipsters, suits, punk rockers, the ladies from bridge club, and folk bands from Louisville, KY. I would highly recommend Karma if you're in Denver jonesin' for some edamame, and great Asian food. Their happy hour has great specials on drinks and food, which is great for poor musicians. 

$ Cheap eats

Six Thumbs Up from the women of Harpeth Rising 

Posted on March 6, 2016 .